Anthology Film Archives
32 Second Avenue
New York, NY 10003

DADAnewyork performs at Anthology Film Archives
Reel Roundtable

Dada Changed My Life

April 19, 2004 at 7:30 PM

DADAnewyork joins forces with opera singer Rosateresa and DJs Los Polones to add their irrationality and nonsensical mayhem to an evening of film including:

  • DADA CHANGED MY LIFE by Olga Mazurkiewicz and Daniel Martinez. The legendary Cabaret Voltaire, cradle of the most influential movement in contemporary art history, 86 years after its founding is threatened by the imminent construction of luxury apartments and a pharmacy. The Fondation Kroesus, a group of young armed artists, lock themselves in and create an international appeal.
  • INTERSECTIONS NY by Emmanuelle Gauthier and Benedicte Gauthier. A new documentary which follows and documents contemporary cultural and political movements. Presenting artists that have inflamed debate and challenged political systems, influencing public policy on issues of expression that still resonate. In this film past and present agitators of culture and media are explored.

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