Theater for the New City
155 First Avenue
Friday, May 27 @ 9:07 PM

DADAnewyork at the
Lower East Side Festival of the Arts

In the Cabaret at Theater for the New City
on Friday, May 27 at 9:07 PM:

DADAnewyork performs excerpts from CABARET RE-VOLTAIRE AD LIBITUM. Tzara, Schwitters, Duchamp, Heulsenbeck and Elmer Petersen come to life. Co-Directed by JOANIE FRITZ ZOSIKE and MORT KROOS. Performed by ROSATERESA CASTRO-VARGAS, JOANIE FRITZ ZOSIKE, ROBERT HIEGER, MORT KROOS, LOIS KAGAN MINGUS and MISHA SHULMAN. Music by ROBERT HIEGER.


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